Facilitation and Planning Services

Facilitation & Mediation

Jan Caulfield Consulting has a proven history of providing skilled, neutral facilitation and conflict resolution services – helping clients communicate clearly, resolve issues, and reach their desired objectives. Jan has substantial experience facilitating collaborative processes involving multiple agencies, organizations, and stakeholders – helping groups craft mutually beneficial solutions to conflicts. She works comfortably with scientific and technical information and in policy and regulatory arenas, yet is also recognized for her ability to ensure that all meeting participants understand complex topics and are fully engaged in discussions.


Examples for Facilitation/Mediation

Western Arctic Caribou Herd Working Group (2011-present) – annual meeting of 20-member stakeholder group from North and Northwest Alaska that works together “to ensure the long term conservation of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd and the ecosystem on which is depends, and to maintain traditional and other uses for the benefit of all people now and in the future.” See www.westernarcticcaribou.org


US Forest Service Regional Leadership Team (2003-present) – three week-long meetings each year of the USFS Alaska Region, Regional Leadership Team; annual meetings of the Alaska Region’s Alaska Tribal Leaders Committee; and mid-year meetings for various Forest Service programs.


US Bureau of Land Management, Planning for National Petroleum Reserve Alaska (2014 – September 2017) – conducted assessment and designed stakeholder process to develop a landscape-scale conservation plan and regional mitigation strategy for the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska, with Southwest Decision Resources.


Chinook Salmon Mitigation Fund Stakeholder Panel (2010-2014) – biannual meetings of Chinook Mitigation Fund Stakeholder Panel, which provides recommendations to the State of Alaska for distribution of a federal mitigation fund established under the 2009 Pacific Salmon Treaty.


US Coast Guard, Dispersant Use Authorization Plan (2013-2014) – provided facilitation services to the Alaska Regional Response Team (ARRT) for government-to-government consultation with federally recognized Tribes and stakeholder/public meetings to present and hear comments regarding a draft plan to authorize the use of dispersants in response to oil spills in Alaskan marine waters.


Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-wide Conservation Plan (2012-2013) – facilitation and public involvement services for development of a range-wide conservation management plan for the Lesser Prairie Chicken in the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, Colorado and New Mexico. Conducted for the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, with the Ecosystem Management Research Institute.


Unit 23 Working Group (2008-2014) – interagency/stakeholder group working collaboratively to find solutions to conflicts between local and non-local hunters that occur during big game hunting season each fall in Northwest Alaska.


Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund (2003-2014) – interagency regional and statewide panels advising the Alaska Department of Fish & Game on priorities for the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund, which provides funding for Pacific Salmon habitat conservation, stock assessment and salmon management.

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